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At our monthly meeting we have on our rented land we gathered almost 60 people all together including children. There are actually more and more people coming to these gatherings and we ran out of food this time.
This evening we taught from the Bible and also explained the gospel and had worship.

An entire family of six received Jesus this evening.
I saw a father bring his kids along with him when we asked if anyone would like that Jesus should come into their hearts.
They have one child that is only five months old as well, which we have prayd for several times. This is a family we have known for over a year now, and they have been very interested in Jesus for the past six months.

There were also other young families, some of whom had recently come from Myanmar, who we prayed for and with.

 Please still pray for a ministry car and for at least one more English teacher. This would have helped us to reach further out and gather more children and youth.
In August, there will be a volunteer from Switzerland coming out, and we pray that everything will fall into place of preparing this.


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