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Over the past two weeks, a lot has happened here in our ministry Good News for the Shan, including around 13-14 people who have received Jesus, and we are busy following them up. Several of them we have known for a time already, but suddenly there were several who wanted to take the full step out and become Christians.

It started with four people that surprisingly came at a house meeting we had on a Monday night.

We had actually gone to this house meeting to encourage a Christian couple who had just moved to a new place where they had no electricity, far out on the rice field.

When we arrived another family we also know called and said they would like to come to this house meeting too because they wanted to receive Jesus.
After 5-10 minutes they arrived, and one middle-aged man said eagerly that he was very ready to receive Jesus. He had been thinking and waiting for a long time to do so, because he wanted a change in his life.

This is also the father of a 14 year old girl who attends our Saturday and Sunday school, and we have known her for about 3 years.

At the same time she also wanted to receive, plus two other young men, one we have known for over 12 years (but we have not seen him for a while).
So the evening was a bit different than we had expected.

We finally got to pray for and encourage the couple we came to visit as well, when it got dark and from a light of a flashlight.


We have baptism on Sunday, the 20th of October, we have potentially 13 people that want to be baptized, but sometimes there are some who withdraw, or there may also be others who say they want to be baptized.

There is a girl of about 15-16 years, whom we have known for about three years now who is also thinking about being baptized, if her parents allows it.

Pray for those who have received Jesus and want to be baptized!

What excites me (and we) the most are not always those who say they want to be Christian (because we have  experienced many people who have said they will, but did not really mean it), but those who really mean it and want to take the full step by being baptized.

We have also started gatherings on Sunday mornings. One of the reasons is that we need to follow up and teach more those who are new Christians.

Sunday Gatherings

At our Sunday gatherings we begun with only 4-5 people who met togather, but the last two Sundays there have been over 10 who have come, also new Christians and some youth.

A 15 year old girl who baptized a year ago is very eager to come and wants to grow as a Christian. She also wants to attend a Bible school when the time comes.

Please remember to pray for this:


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