Here are some news from our ministry: Good News for the Shan.

We are already in month 3 of this year and many things have happened since last news updates.
We want to share some highlights.

For a about two week ago we had some good conversation with several Shan people in the orange farms around in the aria. Mawkkham shared the Good News in a clear and good way, and Mawkkham and her husband Tore have more time now since their young daughter is growing.

Since Christmas it have taken some time to follow up some of the people that came to our big Christmas party where we gathered around 150-200 Shan people, so it was grate to see that many had become even more interested in the Good News.

We also do a lot of following up ministry with the new Christians and, we are going every week to visit them.

Our weekend school.
We have had a great start after new year with our weekend school. We gathered over 20 children the first weekend.

All the children have got a New Testament now, and we read a chapter together every Saturday and Sunday.
For the last two months our school have been a bit on and of, because we still only have one car to use for our ministry. Tore had to go two weeks to Chiang Mai and for the last two weeks it has been at the garage to fix the painting and front of the car after an accident before Christmas. 
Please still pray with us for a ministry car. 

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Tore have started teaching English again now because the five months that our volunteers from Switzerland were here came to and end in January.

Goodbye to Our Volunteer

In early January, we said goodbye to our volunteer from Switzerland, Lea, who was working with us for five months.

We are grateful for her dedication to come out here, and she was a great help to both the kids at our weekend school, the young people we reach out to and several Shan families.

She actually managed to learn some Shan language in five months and was able to communicate a bit, which was impressive.


Sunday Gatherings

We still have gaterings on Sunday mornings and some children and adults are comming. We still pray, and please pray with us, that more people gan join in on this time.



Reaching out to many Shan on Facebook
Another thing we also are doing is sharing the Good News for the Shan people on the internet, Facebook and YouTube.
We have almost 10 000 followers on our Facebook page (Good News for the Shan) and when we upload and share videos we usually get a lot of likes and we have had up to more than 10 000 people that are watching it. 
Last Sunday we uploaded a video with Mawkkham sharing the Good News and it has already been around 3 000 people who have watchig it.


Need More Donations for the Ministry


Picture: Handed out Bibles to our Saturday and Sunday school kids on Sunday

We just want to say a some about the economy of our Ministry: Good News for the Shan.
I plan to write a separate email about this in a week's time too.

First: The money you will give to this Ministry goes directly to the Ministry and to the people that need it.
So when you donate to the Ministry: Good News for the Shan, you directly support the following: Evangelism, run Sunday and Saturday school, help poor families, transportation to meetings and events, food Sunday meetings, Christmas and other events, etc.

Specifically, we need this.

1. Renting of land and for the weekend school

We need about 120 USD a month for renting the property we have our ministry on. We also need some money to run our Saturday and Sunday school and other arrangement with food.

2. A car for the Ministry.
This will give relife to Tore and his private car a lot. As mentioned, if his car is not available we need to close the school that weekend, and after Christmas this has been the case 5 weekends already.
We need at least $ 5,000 USD for this. Plus about $150 in regular support for maintenance and diesel.
(If someone gives a fixed amount monthly we can also buy it on installment)

3. We also want to support local evangelists.

In our ministry, we are in dire need of monthly sponsors and support partners right now, so pleas pray with us!

Not everyone can give
I know that not everyone can give, and maybe not so much, but I would also encourage you to share about our Ministry on social media or if you would like to promote us in some other way, like in Churches.
We are also open to other ideas on fundraising, such as on the web. I have a video I can share (see the video below)
Do not hesitate to contact us. Write me an e.mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or reply to this email.
Here are the social links you can share:

If you wish to donate and support us follow this link!
(this link is to our ministries website and the money will go directly to Good News for the Shan)

Partner with us!

We are increasingly in need of financial support for the ministry. Please feel free to support or donate.

We have financial needs like:

    • Rent of land where we have our Saturday and Sunday school.
    • Transport expenses
    • Expenses related to events such as parties (Christmas, Easter etc.) and gatherings we have
    • Some mercy ministry
    • Purchase of a car for the ministry

If you want to donate we both have a Thai bank account you can transfer too, or you can use PayPal (please feel free to contact us if you want to give)

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Feel free to contact us if want to help us, or you have any other questions.




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