This is news from the ministry: Good News for the Shan

We recently had a baptism, we have started up Sunday meetings again and at the end of August we saw a couple receive Jesus.
The new Christians have also experienced some opposition because of their new faith. We have seen a total of seven people receive Jesus during July and August.

They Will Crucify You

One of those who became a Christian recently comes almost every Sunday. She lives near our weekend school.
One Sunday she did not come, and Mawkkham went and visited her, while I taught English in the afternoon. After one hour, they returned together. Mawkkham told me: When it was a Buddhist holiday a couple of days ago, their boss had asked why they did not go to the Buddhist temple in the village. She said they had become Christians now, so they did not go to the temple. The boss had then said contemptuously: If you have become Christians, then they (i.e. us) will soon do with you as they did with Jesus, crucify you.

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 This made her a bit scared, but after Mawkkham had talked to her for a while, (and assured her that we would not do anything to her) she came and visited us again. She also has a husband, who is coming to our meetings now.
This couple has experienced some rejection because of their new faith, but we have tried to take good care of them, and we have seen lately that they are growing in their faith.

Another couple, who has recently accepted Jesus, also had some opposition from family and friends, and wanted to renounce the choice they had made: About accepting Jesus.
 We went and encouraged them, and the following week things had gotten much better and I could see that they were shining again.

We have followed them up weekly, have had several good conversations with them and taught them from the Bible, and they are interested in finding out more, but they are still a bit unstable in their faith.



Baptism and Sunday Meetings

Sunday for about two weeks ago we had our first Sunday morning meeting in nine months. Mainly because of Covid. We were excited about how many would come, but we gathered around 40 people, including children, several of whom we did not expected to come.

We had baptisms this Sunday as well. A lady from our Wednesday night meetings were baptized.
The Wednesday meetings are a group of some Shan friends of ours who meet to pray and encourage each other every Wednesday.
I teach some here too. We are around 12-15 people now (They attended the baptism as well. See the picture above). Some of them usually go to a local Thai church on Sundays.
This woman in her forties, who has had a somewhat difficult past, became a Christian about two months ago, and we have been teaching her on Wednesdays since she was saved, and we have seen her grow in her faith, and recently expressed that she wanted to get baptized.

As mentioned above, we have seen three families receive Jesus during the last two months.
They are not quite ready to be baptized yet, but all three families were represented when we had the baptism. Two of the families had never seen a baptism before, so they were curious about what it was. Some have told them that the baptism Christians do is keep them under water until they see Jesus, or put them them up and down in the water until they see Jesus. They know it's not quite like that, but they were still curious about how we did it.

We have started teaching and having meetings for the new Christians in the evenings now, every Tuesday and Friday.
We have busy times at the moment, and we have many places to go to, and people who are interested in the Good News, but we simply do not have time to go everywhere.

From Our Weekend School

Our weekend school is going well, but we have some fewer kids now, around 10-15 from around 20-25. We hope to be able to find more kids who can come, and more we can reach out to.
We still have school only on Sundays, due to Covid. The children go to regular school on Saturdays to make up for the time the school was closed, but we hope to have classes on Saturdays again soon.

We're starting up some teaching on Tuesday nights now. We teach Thai, Shan and the Bible. This week we were around 14 people.


Partner With Us!


Our vision is to see that many Shan people can have a better future and hope.
We also want them to get to know God who has loved them and us first! That they should see how valuable they are in God's eyes!
You can join us in this!

The money you will give to this Ministry goes directly to the Ministry and to the people that need it.
So when you donate to the Ministry: Good News for the Shan, you directly support the following: Help local evangelist/teachers, run Sunday and Saturday school, help poor families, transportation to meetings and events, food Sunday meetings, Christmas and other events, etc.

We want to see at least one more couple who can help us in our ministry.

Specifically, we have a family that wants to come (they live in another city about 7 hours from us), but we do not have the financial resources we need to receive them.

Feel free to pray for this family who wants to come. Pray with us if it is God's will that they will come to work with us, and that they will get the money they need to come. They initially need money for ID papers, which are quite expensive.

We also want to give support to others who help us now. We actually have three or four people who already help us a lot, and who we want to support them some financially. We have a couple here in Fang(two of those who help us a lot) we can challenge to work with us as well, but again it depends on our economy. We want to see at least 250USD per month for them.

Specific needs in the ministry are:

  •    Support for 1-2 families who can work with us. (250-500USD)
  •    Run the school (food, rent of land, etc.) (250USD per month)
  •    A ministry car. (We have about 1000USD, but need around 5000USD more)


In our ministry, we are in dire need of monthly sponsors and support partners right now, so pleas pray with us!

Not everyone can give
I know that not everyone can give, and maybe not so much, but I would also encourage you to share about our Ministry on social media or if you would like to promote us in some other way, like in Churches.
We are also open to other ideas on fundraising, such as on the web.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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